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Fly birds and shoot hoops.

Birdsketball is a local multiplayer sports game for 1 - 4 players.

Easy to pick up, hard to master

The controls are simple. But to fly around effectively takes skill and practice to master. Here are some tips for improving your game:

  • Take your finger off the flap button sometimes: You will rotate faster when idle, and it's often it's faster to drop down with gravity than to fly a full circle.
  • Tackle your opponents by boosting into them.
  • Boost into a wall and you will rebound in the opposite direction. Faster than turning around and it makes you look cool.
  • Long distance shots on goal are impressive, but sometimes just flying the ball directly in is all you need to do. Just make sure you're back in time for the next ball spawn.
  • Some players prefer to use the right trigger for flapping (not me!). If you hold it just right, you can almost hover on the spot.

You can make your own levels:

There are currently 9 courts. These are simple .png files, and you can draw your own in MsPaint or Photoshop. The game will find them and load them as long as you keep the colours and dimensions are the same. If you look in the assets folder I've included some information to get you started.

New in update 0.96: Career mode!

Created as a single player mode, but can be played friends.

New in update 0.93:

  • Keyboard support: X,Z and ARROW keys
  • Experimental bots
  • 6th court, featuring pong paddles that move to follow the ball.

The bots aren't great yet, but I have fun playing against them on some of the simpler levels. And I think it at least gives a way to practice flying around / test out the mechanics.

They really struggle with the pong level:

More to come.

Birdsketball is in active development. Any feedback, suggestions and feature requests are welcome.


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Birdsketball_0.98_win.zip 27 MB
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Birdsketball_0.98_linux.zip 28 MB


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I forgot for the longest time to post! This game is incredibly fun, and I think will become one of the games my friends and I will regularly throw into the mix when we get together.

Everyone from casual to more experienced gamers had a blast with it. It's simple, smooth, and its ridiculous.

It might be nice to have different ball / gravity types. It's very hard to shoot it like a traditional basketball because it falls so slowly, and would be fun to play around with different settings. And maybe something to discourage goaltending (which, iirc, is beatable by passing it to them, then dashing through them instantly stealing it and getting invulnerability. But that's kinda advanced).

Super fun!

Fun game!

The king is dead!

Long live King Dunin!

Congrats! This game is so fun! God bless!

AWESOME GAME! Took me a bit to get comfortable with, but you did a good job making it simple and fun to play!

Men i really like this game, it have something that its hard to find in a simplest way around this days --> FUN! Congrats!

Wow, so funny game!

Just one thing: the purpple is harder to master, we see less where is the head...

Dude, this is amazing!! I've only been playing 5 min and am in love. I think it's time to schedule a LAN party....

this sounds like the best thing ever, so i'm going to play it.

Having a blast. I will be coming back to this often. My first impression was that this is a game that really knows its own personality and it isn't afraid to weird things like beatbox through the whole menu. Game feel is fantastic and the local multiplayer is top notch. Cannot believe this is free. Really shouldn't be free.

I am having a gamepad issue--xbox 360 controllers don't appear to work on either Mac or PC at the moment. I am able to use an old Microsoft SideWinder, but 360 controllers are typically more standard so I thought it worth a mention.

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Keep up the amazing work.

Thanks for the kind words :)

I'm using xbox 360 controllers myself as my main testing controllers. And I haven't had any issues. Is there anything non-standard about your setup that might point me in the right direction?
Perhaps these aren't xbox for Windows controllers, but rather xbox controllers with some kind of adapter.
Have you tested the controllers in other games?
What version of Windows and OSX are you using?
Which drivers are you using for OSX? (I use: http://tattiebogle.net/index.php/ProjectRoot/Xbox360Controller/OsxDriver)

Not sure if my Windows machine has anything non-standard. It's a 64bit Windows 10 gaming desktop. These are the gamepads:


OSX is El Capitan and I use tittiebogle as well (latest version). Wish I could be more specific, as I have my own debugging woes right now and have a hard time getting specifics from people. I can look up things if you know what to ask for, but I can't think of what else I might be able to offer. What development environment do you use to make the game?

Love this game! The level creation feature is top notch, my satisfaction/surprise when drawing in blue gave the tiles "pong" functionality was great. The physics and game feel are really solid.

One thing I might suggest is some kind of more clear indidcation of where the "front" of your bird is. Maybe just as an optional thing even, I know the game is quite minimalist visually but you can get a bit lost direction wise. Even making the birds a tiny bit less symmetrical might work.

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How do you host it on local multiplayer? Sorry, I am probably being a complete idiot. Thanks!

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There are no stupid questions.
Everybody plays on the same computer. You will need a controller for each person (can have 1 person on keyboard).
Once it's loaded, go to 'PLAY' then everybody presses left or right to choose which team to join.


This is a great game! Me and a couple of friends played it, and we all really liked it. I'm currently just sitting and making new levels.

This is brilliant, so addicting!


Great game, nice job! You should put this on Github and make open source so we can improve and make available to more platforms. If you do, please post Github link to repo, or I can put on Github for you?

I'm not going to open source the game. But I will add other platforms once the game is finished.

Is it made with game maker?


Nope, it's made with HaxeFlixel: http://haxeflixel.com/

oh thanks :)